Monday, October 17, 2016

Rent the Studio

In addition to our own core program of vintage swing dances, RVA Swing will be making our spare studio available to professional yoga and dance instructors who need a consistent, affordable venue to hold their own independently run classes.  Discounted studio rates will also be available for rehearsals and other non-commercial uses.

Our studio rental rates:

Group class rental rates
These rates apply to any class or event for which the instructor charges a set fee.

Group class rate include use of the space, as well as a basic listing on this site, if desired. Renters will handle all their own promotion, student registration, and payment processing, and keep all monies earned from their classes.

"Prime Time" group class rentals are $30 per hour
This rate applies to rentals between 5pm and 9pm on Monday - Friday, and all day on Saturdays.

"Off-Hours" group class rentals are $20 per hour
This rate applies to rentals between 6am and 5pm or after 9pm on Monday - Friday, and all day on Sundays

Private & Non-profit rental rates
These rates apply to rehearsals, practice groups, free community events, donation-based events, and private lessons 

Private/Non-Profit rentals are $15 per hour
This rate applies to all non-profit & private rentals, regardless of time of day.


At present, we have a lot of time available on weekdays before 5pm, Friday evenings, as well as some Saturday & Sunday availability. Monday - Thursday evenings are primarily reserved for our own curriculum, though some months may have openings.

Email to inquire about rentals.

All renters will need to meet with (and be approved by) the studio owner prior to their first rental and sign a rental contract before being given access to the studio.

Studio Specs

- 750 sq feet (25ft x 30ft)
- wood floor
- 30ft mirrored wall with curtain system
- seating for 16
- cubby storage for clients
- check-in table
- private bathroom
- overhead and ambient lighting
- sound system for phone/iPod/laptop
- ample parking in paved lot

Renter Responsibilities

All renters must be cleared by the studio owner and studio time is available at the sole discretion of the studio owner.

- Renters must keep the studio clean and exercise care with all studio equipment/property.
- Renters must follow all lock-up procedures when closing down the space.
- Renters must be mindful of their noise level during hours that our neighboring businesses are open.
- Renters are strongly encouraged to carry some sort of basic liability insurance, as they will be financially responsible for any damages caused by their classes/students, including damages to the mirrors and/or plate glass in the space.

Interested?  Email the studio at